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The Bump Life

Starting a lifestyle blog at the tail end of your second trimester seems a tad ironic and has proved to be extremely entertaining. Nothing like writing about style and your life when sh*t is really hitting the fan – a humbling experience to say the least!

I generally enjoy putting outfits together (though often times I look painfully basic), and whenever a big promotion comes across my path my first instinct is to yell it from the rooftops – share the wealth, right? Hence the blog. But when getting dressed every morning becomes a nightmare difficult, it seems what I once loved doing has now become one massive and exhausting undertaking. Every. Day. 

Which is why I present a bump guide to help out my fellow bumpies. I by no means consider myself an expert, but I do value anything that’s comfortable and stretchy: both of which are components in all of the following items:

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I instantly began trolling the inter webs for any pregnant woman with style who I could emulate. I needed guidance, and more importantly, an indicator for how big I was going to be and when (wedding circuit is on full force). I read reviews, bought a few horrible pieces, and have learned a massive amount about maternity clothes in general from the process.

The result? Turning everyday non-maternity pieces into bump friendly outfits can work if your creative (and go a size up), and prevent you from spending unnecessary cash in the maternity department. I mean, if I could own the entire collection of Hatch, I would in a heartbeat. But that would also give my husband a heart attack. 

When you do have to dip your toes into the tried-and-true maternity sizes (and boy am I at that point now), here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful.  

  1. Only get what’s seasonally necessary, i.e. I decided not to invest heavily in maternity jeans, since it’s 120 degrees out, and instead went with lightweight dresses and breezy tops (like this gem I caved and purchased today).
  2. When it comes to basics, Target is all you need.
  3. My favorite brands are Rosie Pope, Asos, Hatch (for the occasional splurge), Isabella Oliver, Old Navy, and Topshop.

If you’re getting fancy, here’s what I’ve found is successful: a dress that has a tailored bodice (but don’t forget your twins will grow), with a fuller midsection/skirt. Here are a few options:

If you’re pregnant, what are your go-to pieces?

If you’re not pregnant, round of applause for making it this far!