Daily Archives: January 26, 2016

Baby’s here, now get dressed

When I was about 30 weeks pregnant, I started buying non-maternity clothes by the handful (sorry Nick), in anticipation of having my normal body back. I was definitely looking forward to fitting into the other 95% of my closet  (and not waddling everywhere). I bought fitted dresses, jeans, heeled booties – all with the mind set of “this is perfect for when I’m out with the baby”, figuring our lifestyle would more or less stay the same.

While it’s fun to think I’d be some trendy mom chasing the little in leather pants and a cashmere sweater…someone should have told me to slow.my.roll. (and LOL you will not be wearing heels, leather pants or anything dry-cleanable any time soon). Little did I know our lives would change in a BIG way, and that lounge pants would become my new uniform.

Now, I’m not saying I rolled over and dove head first into mom-core gear, but being a little more realistic about my new lifestyle wouldn’t have hurt. My days now (especially being in and out of the hospital) are much more quiet, and what I wear needs to be comfortable, casual, and machine-washable. What I needed were pieces that would take me 2 minutes to throw on, and 20 minutes to wash.

An on top of all of that – no one prepared me for the DRASTIC changes your body goes through post baby. If you’re a male and reading this post, stop here. The first two weeks home were crazy – your body has just gone through war, literally, and the result is what I like to refer to as “aftershock”. I felt like my body was changing by the hour, and pajamas were the only things I was comfortable in for those first few days (not so fast, spandex leggings). Luckily, the human body is nuts, and you will get back to yourself again.

So  if you’re pregnant, be realistic about those first few months with your nugget. Buy cute loungewear that you’ll feel presentable in for visitors, but comfortable enough to sleep in – I especially love these pants and this top. Below I’ve included a few things I bought after Jack was born, when I realized what I really needed. Also, if you like something, go ahead and buy it in every color, like I did with this sweater. It’s honestly the softest shirt in my closet, and having multiples cuts down on laundry time. Do you have any favorite loungewear pieces? Let me know!