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Friday Finds // Spring Edition

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1. Free People Off The Shoulder Blouse: I’ve loved the Tibi top since last Spring, but I haven’t bit the bullet consider the price tag. When I stumbled across this Free people version last weekend I nearly jumped out of my seat. Same look for a fraction of the price? Sold. This with some fun earrings (a la #5) and shorts or jeans makes an easy, festive spring look.

2. T3 “Whirl Trio” Styling Wand: My go-to hair routine on the days that I have to wash my hair is to blow dry it as fast as possible, and then run a curling iron threw it. I brush it out and voila. To me, that’s easier and faster than a blowout, and most of the time I can rely on it holding for a few days. The only problem? I have a 4 year old curling wand from CVS that’s managed to fryyyyyyyyyy my ends like no tomorrow. I’ve done a lot of research on curling wands, and although pricey, this one seems like the best investment. Add it to my wish list.

3. Rose All Day Phone Cover: While I was pregnant, skipping out on alcohol wasn’t that bad. Until we got to spring. It was painful watching my friends sip on a crisp glass of rose while I could only participate with a measly mocktail. This phone cover perfectly conveys my enthusiasm for getting back into rose season.

4. Honest Beauty Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer: We’ve become pretty obsessed with the Honest Company products for Jack (I could write a whole review on their diapers alone. But this isn’t about diapers. It’s about makeup). When Honest came out with their Beauty line, naturally I was intrigued. I love their mission to bring quality products with natural ingredients, without a hefty price tag. I did their free trial to test out their skin care products, and was overall really impressed. The bundle system allows you to pick any 3 products for $50, and ships every 4-8 weeks (you can set your timing preference). For my second bundle, I ordered this moisturizer along with the creme blush and primer. This moisturizer comes out more like a mouse, and gives me that medium/light coverage I need for basic day-to-day wear. I’ve been wearing the color cream and it matches my skin tone perfectly.

5. J.Crew Earrings: LALALALALA BAMBA! That’s what I think of when I look at these earrings. I’m not sure what it is about spring that always makes me want to buy the biggest, most festive earrings (and I’m not a jewelry person -?), but these certainly fit the bill.