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Best In Class

Dressing Baby.001

You never know what works until you try it. Ugh.

For an expecting mom accumulating baby supplies by the carload, this phrase use to really irk me. Skip the shenanigans and just tell me the best brands to buy – clothes, strollers, car seats – you name it.

Since we waited to find out whether Jack was a he or a she, clothing was a category in particular that I just couldn’t get excited about…which really surprised me. The lack of knowledge about the little’s gender made me feel disconnected, and I was overwhelmed with the idea that you needed so many different sizes for the baby’s first year. Thinking about how many pounds they’d be in July made my head hurt (it still does, btw).

We received several cute onesies and outfits from our sweet friends at showers, which honestly was the only thing in Jack’s closet until he was born. Out of all the brands we’ve tried and tested on him, my favorite newborn brands (and the best IMO) boil down to KicKee Pants , Little Giraffe and Kissy Kissy. Milk Barn is another adorable line with great pajama pants (if we’re being specific). All of these brands are well made with quality materials, super soft and can withstand 50000 wash cycles.

Now that Jack is 5 months old (this week!), dressing him is much more of a sport. Since we don’t leave the house often, he more or less lives in onesies and pajamas. When we do get out for the rare excursion – I love to put him in BabyGap, Ralph Lauren Baby (those outlets = #gold), and all the smocked overalls I can get my hands on.

I know, I’m sure I’m missing out on several awesome other brands – please, I’d love to hear your favorites too!