Daily Archives: March 9, 2016

No One Told Me

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People love to tell you things when you’re pregnant.

Most common: “You’ll never sleep again”

Most frightening: “Say goodbye to your personal life”

Most intimidating: “Be sure to get them on a schedule, otherwise you’re doomed”

Looking at the last 6 months, I’ve realized there are several things no one ever told me. Good things. Life changing things. For all of you mommas-to-be, I hope this makes up for all the scary comments being thrown your way: (warning – momhood has turned me into a sappy pile of mush)

No one told me I’d be more confident in my decisions, actions, and intentions.

No one told me I’d be more forgiving and accepting of my body image.

No one told me the time spent with friends would become more genuine, purposeful and valuable.

No one told me I would fall in love with my husband all over again.

No one told me having a baby would lead us to communicate more effectively and honestly.

No one told me I wouldn’t hesitate to sing. Off key. In public.

No one told me I’d consider every little pound and roll of fat on Jack’s body a huge personal accomplishment.

No one told me I’d learn more about life from a 6-month-old than I have in my 27 years.

These sound so cliche, but becoming a mom has been the most challenging, rewarding and amazing experience. Happy almost half birthday, my little man. You’ve rocked our world in the most incredible way possible. 🙂

photo by Stephanie Drenka