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Easter Palette

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I just can’t get enough of the pantone pastels this spring! With Easter around the corner, I’m so pumped to bust out my whites and brights (even though I’ve already had my white jeans on heavy rotations…evidence here). Right now, I’m on the search to find some coordinating (notice I didn’t say matching) outfits for Jack.

More of my favorite Easter looks:

And some for the munchkin!

Hospital Visits

Many of you probably read this title and thought, uh no, a depressing post – but I promise, sad it is not! In light of our hospital visit today, I figured my experience might be helpful to you all!

Over our month stay at the big white hotel, our friends, family and even strangers expressed their love through the most thoughtful gifts. Once we were finally able to go home, I compiled a list of items that were most helpful in getting us through our days. There are so many things you forget (and neglect) when you’re going through a difficult time – I found the things I appreciated most were often the most simple.

Should you ever come across a time in life where you’re hospital-bound to visit loved ones, consider these helpful items:

Toiletries – Fact: hospital air is dry, and the florescent lighting helps no one. I was so grateful for the toiletries people brought (in particular, the amazing Kiehls basket that saved my skin). The only item I brought from home was a toothbrush – needless to say I was thankful for the face wash, lip balm and moisturizer. Rose water was also on my top list of favorites (thank you, #rStheFamily). Although initially it seemed a little random, that little spray bottle was one of the best luxuries sitting in the hospital room all day. It smelled amazing and made me feel fresh.


Books – People loveeeee to give books. And when you’re in the hospital, you loveeeee to read. A dear friend who has recently gone through a tough time gave me her copy of the book You’ll Get Through This, and it was a game changer. The story of Joseph gave me so much peace, focus and strength to fight through the day. On the opposite spectrum, I also appreciated a good pop culture magazine for the brief escape.


Coloring Books: So hot right now. These puppies take up time and incredible concentration. Coloring is a great stress reliever at the end of the day (also goes great with vino). Most nights, we’d try to keep the room dark so Jack could sleep, so a reading light was KEY (bet you’ve never thought of that one!).


Cozy Clothes: When we were admitted, I was wore this sweater for over 48 hours. It was so soft and simple – I ended up sending my mom out to grab a few other colors, just so I wouldn’t have to think about what I was wearing. Hospitals are always cold, so having a scarf, blanket or sweater to wrap up in was crucial. Anything to help make curling up in those chairs more comfortable.


Snacks: More specifically – healthy snacks. Our sweet friend Lauren from Live Love Pop delivered healthy popcorn to us every week during our stay, and it was PERFECT. In general, most people love to bring comfort food and although we were so grateful, our appetite was shot the majority of the time. The popcorn was always there to get us through the afternoon … and made us a huge hit with the nurses!

Parking Passes: What’s better than a stack of free parking passes? Nothing, I tell you. When you’re in and out of the hospital all the time (even during our stay, Nick was back and forth from the house), the hourly parking really adds up. Usually, you can find a visitors center in the hospital that will sell these passes.