Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

Vacation Dreaming

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With this being my busiest work week of the year (t-minus 24 hours to #rStheCon, folks!), I can’t help but focus on the light at the end of the tunnel – our beach vacation coming up in a few short weeks. Nick and I haven’t been able to leave a 20 mile radius in over 7 months (nor would we want to considering the circumstance) but needless to say, I’m dying to see some ocean water.

Thankfully, one-pieces are finally hitting their stride this spring (praise emoji) between all the cutouts, patterns and scallops. And while the thought of putting on a bathing suit literally makes me shutter, knowing my midsection will stay nice and covered makes the idea semi-bearable.

It also doesn’t hurt that all my favorites are 25% off! Use the code INTHEFAM before midnight tomorrow to get the best deal on everything above and below – run along now!!