Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

Isn’t She Lovely?

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Ahh, Mother’s Day!

Every year, I always look forward to showering my mama in love and attention. I usually get her a little something to show her my appreciation, and this year especially she deserves a BIG thank you. Right now I’m undecided between #6 and #10.

I know most people say once they have kids they realize how much they appreciate their moms, and goodness I couldn’t agree more. Who else would show up at your house at 6am to let you shower and have breakfast, or drop everything at a moments notice to help rock your baby to sleep? We’ve laughed and cried harder together than we have in my entire life, and she’s talked me off a ledge (not literally, people) countless times. Really, she understands me on a level sometimes even I don’t understand.

My gift this Mother’s day (y’all, still so weird that I’m in this club now), is something so incredible I’m literally counting down the days. Jack will be baptized this Sunday! Talk about the best gift ever! We’ve been anxiously awaiting this day since our first night in the hospital – to be honest some days we thought we’d never get here, but alas! Time to start the celebrations!

What are you doing for your mom this Mother’s Day!?