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Casual Friday

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Dress: Madewell, Earrings: BaubleBar, Shoes: Splendid // Jack’s Bloomers c/o: Ruggedbutts

Teething + Feeding

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For my 99.5% of friends without kids, go ahead and bookmark this post for later. I’ll get back to my normal programming tomorrow. While I wish our life was all baby giggles and fun outfit posts, the reality is we’re going through some growing pains over here.

Now, for the other 0.5% that is still reading –

A few weeks ago, Jack sprouted 2 teeth. And then the next day he was crawling, climbing, babbling and eating real food. After 6-7 months, his development took off at lightening speed and it’s left me scrambling to keep up.

Since we started feeding him on real food, we’ve been using our bumbo seat which is great but not sustainable. After a significant amount of research and reaching out to my fellow mom snap-chatters, I finally bought the Oxo Sprout high chair and enough feeding supplies to last a lifetime. Whatever happen to the resolve not to over indulge on unnecessary baby supplies?! Le sigh.

Along with feeding, we also have serious teeth growing in. Some days are really tough, and we use all 1,000,000 teether toys I have at my disposal. I’ve included all explanations below – new moms, I hope this curbs some of that googling!

#momsclub: I’d love to hear your advice on all things teething and feeding! Help a sister out.


4moms: This was our runner up. I love the look and weight of this one (super light), and I genuinely love all 4moms products. The magnetic tray sets it apart from it’s competitors, as well as the ease of use and durability. The company just brought this to market, and I’d say it’s been one of the most popular chairs this year. Con: it doesn’t fold up or lean back.

Bloom Fresco: Anyone else love how this one looks like a space ship? The Fresco has raving reviews, mainly for it’s contemporary design and reclining seat. The deterrent for us was the bulky round base, and requirement to purchase all necessary ‘parts’ (cushion, etc etc). Also reviewed tough to clean.

Stokke Tripp Trapp: Another amazingly designed chair – this one morphs into a normal chair to seamlessly fit into your normal furniture. I love how this one doesn’t even look like a high chair. For us, this was not the one – partially because the modern design would be the nicest looking piece of furniture we’d have in our house #adulting. Also, the need to purchase a tray and cushions on top of the initial price was too much for my brain.

Oxo Sprout: I love the simplicity of this high chair. I was down to the 4moms and Sprout (which I think are pretty dang similar) since we need something sturdy that will hold our monkey to the ground. Although I love the 4moms magnetic tray, it wasn’t totally necessary (nor were all the new magnetic utensils I’d have to buy). Con: it doesn’t fold up or lean back.


Teether necklace: a friend of mine bought me one of these for a shower, and at first I thought I’d never use it – WRONG. Jack loooooves this necklace and noms on it daily. I also have a bracelet will not hesitate to wear both in public and all day long.

Bibs: Oh girl, do they drool. I’m seriously amazed how much saliva streams out of Jack’s mouth during the day (especially when he’s teething hard). These fun prints are a welcomed addition to his outfit, and keep the revolving drool manageable.

Neckerchew: Bib + teething toy. Need I say more? 100% functional.

Nubby Teeth-Ezz: We bought this one a while ago, and although it’s taken Jack some time to come around to it, he’s definitely into now. The soft bristles are soothing to those achy gums, and it’s a good size for him to hold.

Sophie the Giraffe: Does anyone go anywhere with Sophie?! We have one of these for every bag, and they 100% live up to the hype – at least in our house. I always get a kick out of Jack sucking on Sophie’s face. No boundaries.

3 Ways to Wear Printed Culottes

Club Monaco Printed Culottes and Knit Crop TopCulottes – Club Monaco


alison-avril-9613 alison-avril-9591alison-avril-9585 alison-avril-9576 Jacket: Nordstrom, Top: Club Monaco, Shoes: Vince (similarsimilar), Bag: Zara, old (similar)


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alison-avril-9484alison-avril-9521alison-avril-9534alison-avril-9502Top: Club Monaco, Shoes: Vince (similar, similar), Bag: Louis Vuitton, old (similar)

Photos by Stephanie Drenka