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new fall wardrobe in 10 pieces

Recently, I read an article in Real Simple magazine about the art of closet cleaning. In it, clutter experts challenged readers to go a week wearing only a selective few pieces in their closet. The responses are what amazed me – readers felt more confident, calmer and happier about their clothes than before! This got me thinking: in light of this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale madness – could I go a week in only 10 items? After a few challenging tries, I have come up with 10 pieces worked into a weekly schedule.

These items (7 of which are under $100!! at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) are versatile enough to go with 95% of your existing closet, or you can mix them up for a week like I have here!

Two by Vince Camuto Sleeveless Top: Sale price $45.90

BP Anorak Jacket: Sale Price $44.90

BP Stripe Long Sleeve: Sale Price $17.90

Halogen Drape Vest: Sale Price $118.90

Cupcakes & Cashmere Dress: Sale Price $76.90

Vigoss Jeans: Sale Price $44.90

1.State Faux Leather Skirt: Sale Price $52.90

Stuart Weitzman Bootie: Sale Price $349.90 

Vince Camuto Bootie: Sale Price $99.90

AGL Block Heel Pump: Sale Price 229.90

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Leather Jacket for Fall 2016

What is it? 

An annual sale that discounts brand new fall merchandise at a serious discount for a limited time. Prices will go back up August 8th.

Why do I care? 

Unless you’re into paying full price and not into discounts, you’ll want to check this sale out. If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you get early access to the sale (as in over a week early) July 14th – 22nd. This is important, since things historically sell out before public access. Buy the card.

Anything Else? 

Let’s face it – there’s a reason why bloggers have no chill when it comes to this topic. It’s because it is the real deal. Let’s just look at the economics (Nick loves this part): new fall clothes + seriously discounted prices = put those bad boys in the back of your closet volia, Christmas in October when you need to bust out that firrrrrst jacket of the season.

Does buying a winter coat right now make you want to vomit? Yes. Do you feel savvy AF when you throw on said coat as it’s snowing, and remembering you bought it 50% off? Yes. Yes you do.

NOW that we have that out of the way, I have some good news for you. I’ve done your dirty work and scavenged through all the new merchandise (and let me tell you, it’s a zoo out there) to find the best items from the sale -you can find them in my shopping page here. And because I know you’re into the bottom line, here are the top twelve things you need from the #nsale. These things are already selling out in stores!!

More to come this week!