Beachin with the baby

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First and foremost, everyone send good vibes our way (right now!) as Nick and I tackle the first airport experience with baby – this morning. We’re headed to Seaside, Florida for a long weekend vacation with some friends to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Our annual beach trip is looking much different this year – starting with packing. I’m a little embarrassed by the amount of luggage we have (new luggage, mind you) – how does adding one tiny human require so much STUFF. For my travel pro mamas out there, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks, because we’re feeling very amateur hour over here.

To start, we’re taking our trusty stroller to the airport – checking our carseat, pack & play (SO easy to travel with), and 2 suitcases. Then we still have a carry on, stroller and diaper bag to boot. I’m already tired. 

For the beach, we borrowed this handy gadget from a friend based on her latest beach experience with her little one. We have rash guards, hats, sunscreen and beach toys to last us hours of entertainment. When is nap time?

For myself, I’ve packed no-fuss suits, easy coverups, one massive tote (how cute is #2 above?!), hats and plenty of sunscreen. There’s no time to think or worry about myself out there!

But honestly, we are so excited to take Jackson to the beach for the first time – I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stories when we return. #momsclub – if you have any advice, speak now or forever hold your peace!!

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