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Look at that FACE!

How can I be annoyed with a carrot covered kitchen when that face is staring at me?! #teeth

With Jack eating solids now, this is a common post meal situation – which means it’s straight to the tub to start the bedtime routine. He doesn’t have much of a daily schedule, but if there’s one time we at least attempt consistency, it’s with Jack’s nightly routine. If we can get all 4 things below accomplished without a mega meltdown, Nick and I high-five and feel like super-parents (and you bet the high five is literal).

If we stick to this, he sleeps like a champ.

Now, bath time has always been a little tricky for us. For a long time, we could only give Jack sponge baths because of his central line. Let’s just say that was less than pleasant. As soon as he was cordless, we reintroduced bath time and the 4moms tub (new moms, do yourself a favor and get one of these now!). I’ve noticed his skin is super sensitive (I know, what baby’s isn’t), so I have to be extremely careful with the products I use on him. After cycling through a few different brands, I began to notice the amount of foreign ingredients in the soap – it was a little alarming.

I brought it up to a friend of mine, Jordan, who’s son is a week older than Jack (#besties), and she immediately sent me the most amazing products from a brand she reps called BeautyCounter. Y’all, this stuff is a game changer. The All-Over Wash is completely fragrance/tear free, easy to apply and gentle to wash off. I am also hooked on the Soothing Oil – it helps soothe Jack’s dry skin and is made up of things like coconut and sunflower seed oil…and puppy breath and unicorns #heaven.

The company’s mission is simple: to provide safe products to families. BeautyCounter has banned several ingredients many mainstream brands use because of their toxin levels – I was shocked to hear how many harmful toxins they found in a study of teenagers using big name brands. If it’s one less thing Jack needs in his little body, it’s more poison. We’re over that.

These products have made a big difference in Jack’s skin and our bedtime routine. If you want to check out the line or read up on their story, here, I definitely encourage it! Jordan will also get you all set up with these amazing products!

BeautyCounter Baby

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    Allison what a sweet, informative blog. So glad Jordan could help in your journey with Jackson!

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