Best Burger Ever

Let’s talk burgers. Random, huh?

Prior to being pregnant, I had all but sworn off burgers. I maybe ate one a year – and only to nurse those epic hangovers (sorry, mom). My thoughts now? Bring on the beef.

I wouldn’t say I necessarily crave burgers (sadly I’ve only been fancying frozen grapes and a whole lotta fro-yo. Snooze fest.), but my husband seems to have developed some severe sympathy cravings #eatingfortwo. He’s become obsessed with making burgers.

Smash burgers to be exact.

What are smash burgers? They’re small, reeeeeeeally thin sliders – served piping hot with all the crusty juicy goodness (how’s that for appetizing adjectives). The recipe calls for two patties sandwiched together with cheese and sautéed onions in between. Can’t hate on a mini burger split it two, right?

The recipe comes from Serious Eats Food Labs, a website that provides detailed recipes and breaks down the science of preparing food, aka an engineer’s dream. We’ve made these a dozen times for friends and family, and they’ve turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser – and so easy to execute! 

My husband has now brought my dad into the burger hysteria. You leave the two of them together in a kitchen, and 10 minutes later they’re opening a hamburger food truck with homemade buns, a secret sauce, and smash burgers. Boys. 

By now you’re thinking, “get to the recipe already!”, so here you go.



  • Ground beef, rolled into 2 oz. balls
  • American cheese
  • Sautéed Onions
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Buns (we prefer Hawaiian Rolls)

Step 1: Start by placing two 2-ounce patties on the surface of a sizzling hot griddle. One important thing to note: make sure to use an un-greased surface. You want the meat to stick, so as to maximize contact points for browning.

Step 2: Smash the Patties. 

Use a utensil that gives you good leverage, remember, your smashing petite 2-ounce patties down to a size that’s wide enough to fit on a standard burger bun.

Step 3: Season

Next, the patties get seasoned with salt and pepper. 

Step 4: Scrape the Patties

After just about 30 seconds, the burgers are ready to scrape.

To scrape up the browned bits in the burgers, we use a thin steel spatula, pressing down on it firmly and working around the patty to make sure every last bit of flavor is lifted from that griddle.

Step 5: Flip and Cheese 

After flipping the burger add a slice of american (or cheddar) cheese + sauteed onions. Then, add a second patty directly on top. This way, the cheese and onion combination get heated from both sides simultaneously and rapidly melts, helping the patties stay together on their trip to the sandwich.

Step 6: Stack and Go

From start to finish—from the time the meat gets laid down to the time the burger hits the window—the process takes less than a minute.

This basic cheeseburger recipe originated at Harlem Shake in NYC. Traditionally, it’s served on a Martin’s potato roll toasted in butter, so be sure to serve these babies on a toasted bun with every condiment known to mankind. Happy eating!