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Holiday Gift Guide, Part II

The gifting madness continues! These next two categories are my personal favorite. I love all things cozy (currently sitting in my christmas pajamas as I write this), and can you guess which items are a splurge on the second one!?

Comfy, calm and cozy. As a new mom, I welcomed any and all loungewear with open arms. Get her some Herbivore goods and a candle for a lux treat, and if she’s supermom – a coloring book to fill that free time.


Ok so admittedly, not everything on this one is a splurge – but would you ever guess? I love this navy coat (which doesn’t break the bank), and I am way too intrigued with that Dyson hairdryer. The metallic flats are conveniently on super sale (by my favorite brand ever), and can we talk about the kitten flats?

Up next: For the boy, for the homeowner, for the kids!

Merlot Me

Deep Berry, Dark Cherry, Maroon, Burgundy

This heavy hue is the epitome of the new season – warmer clothes, darker evenings, and wine.

Lots of wine.

Despite the fact that the color is a collegiate mainstay, the universally flattering color is keeping my attention this year. And you know what else? It goes with everything – black, tan, white, navy, blush. Merlot can do no wrong.

At the moment, I’m heavily invested in pairing it with blush and denim for an almost-tonal but casual look.

Here are a few of my favorite burgundy buys:

Jackson’s First Birthday

Phew! We’re here. Jack’s first birthday.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super emotional this month in anticipation of the big O-N-E. We’ve had a quite the year, and I’ve spent the last 25 days reflecting on how far we’ve come with Jack’s health. Coincidentally, September is Children’s Cancer Awareness month which has brought an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for our amazing team of doctors and nurses, not to mention our massive support system. Although Jack still has his tumor, we’ve received good reports that his body is killing the mass on it’s own. We are blessed to have a thriving energetic birthday boy. Sometimes I wonder how it’s only been one year.

Our family has been on the fast track this month with birthdays (still recovering from the surprise party that was Nick’s 30th), weddings, work trips, and well – life. I wanted to make sure Jack was well celebrated, so I went ham on Etsy grabbing everything from oversized balloons to colorful birthday plates. Lara from Paper House Pinatas saved the day by creating amazing letter piñatas which made for a fun centerpiece for our table.

I’m so happy we were able to pull together a festive afternoon to celebrate our favorite toddler! I hope you enjoy the pictures :), they’re definitely ones I’ll treasure forever.














Party Decor:

Party Pants:

Photos by Tarin Frantz