Today, as we go into the hospital for our (hopefully) LAST round of chemo, I thought it’d be an appropriate time to dust these pictures off to share.

In my desperate attempt to create normalcy for Jack’s memory, I was adamant about taking Christmas cards last year. I wasn’t willing to lose another “first” to cancer, and thankfully our resident photographer Stephanie Drenka came to my rescue.

I love these pictures for many reasons – Jack’s ginger combover, the dog’s chaos, Nick’s laugh – but most of all because even amidst a difficult time, it’s a happy memory for us to look back on some day. I hope you enjoy!


Alison-Nick-Jackson-4864 Alison-Nick-Jackson-4942 Alison-Nick-Jackson-5144Alison-Nick-Jackson-5072



Sidenote: I had less than zero time to pick an outfit, so thankfully this blanket scarf came to my rescue. Instant outfit. If there’s one thing I’ve OD’d on this winter, its these comfy oversized scarves that I can throw on with jeans and a t-shirt and feel somewhat festive. I’ve included some favorites below!

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  1. Taylor Bolen says:

    These pictures are fabulous!! My favorite is the one where Lily is playfully rolling around on the grass 🙂

    Love the baby clothing suggestions- I cant imagine how overwhelming it must be for first time moms to try and figure this out all on their own, so this is extremely helpful! Keep it up grilfriend! xo

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