Friday Five // Birthday Edition

What’s better than TGIF? A TGIF that also happens to be your birthday PLUS a guilt free day off work. #lifeofluxury

I won’t tip toe around the fact that I love birthdays, especially as I’m about to give the gift of birth to this little nugget currently doing laps in my stomach (slash shoutout to my mom, happy birthing day!). And today, I’m going for it: massage, facial, haircut – all to cushion the blow for having to install a carseat. gulp. reality, y’all – this is 27. Carseats are SHRN.

I look at birthdays mainly as an excuse to eat a million calories in one day, but I’ve been doing that for the past 9 months so I figured I’d include a little treat for you all. That’s right, 6 products instead of 5! Hold on to your pantaloons, things are getting crazy.

Most of these items I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, so we can basically call this little round up my ultimate wish list, sans baby items. Here we go.

Friday Five:

Claire V Fold-Over Leopard Clutch: I love Claire V. All of the prints are fresh and fun and I am especially digging this leopard number. Perfect going out clutch (not that I’ll be doing a ton of that these days) to mix with prints, leather, neutrals, you name it. Price tag is a little steep for an everyday purchase, which makes it the perfect splurge-for-it-or-spoil-someone gift.
Tansy Hmong Lumbar Pillow: I think most of that is english, but regardless – I love this pillow. I’m a little bit of a throw pillow hoarder… but I mean come on, talk about adding some sass to my mostly-white-and-gray abode. Will it get spit up on it soon? Probably. But let’s keep thinking wishfully.
JA Love Ear Crawler: Can I start by saying I love the fact this is called an ear “crawler”? It’s no surprise I love all the “loooooove” jewelry, but this one is especially cool. One single earring to crawl up your ear? Ok, I’ll play. A new recent find but I’m into this one nonetheless.
Rag & Bone Newbury Boot: I know, these are old news. I’ve had my eye on them for over a year, but haven’t come up with a legitimate excuse to bite the bullet. If I’d bought them when I first discovered them, the cost-to-wear ratio would already be justified by now…le sigh…if only I wasn’t so cheap.
Dior Glow Nail Polish: I guess you could call this one a stocking stuffer for birthdays. I recently discovered Dior glow in all it’s greatness at work the other day. This easy polish brings out the natural pink in your nail, all while looking bare and polished at the same time. Considering I won’t see the light of day once this baby comes, this would probably be the best gift for me. HINT.
BONUS! Zara Geometric Tote: This price point is so incredible, it’s really too good to be true. On my continuing hunt for a non-mom diaper bag, I think I might have found my match. This is the kind of gift you could buy a mild acquaintance and they’d think you just bought them a car. Big, roomy, could fit Mary-Poppin’s family – I’m all in!

That’s all folks! Until next time.