Holiday Gift Guide, Part III

HURRY! There’s still time left in the day to capitalize on all the Cyber Monday Madness! I’ll admit, this day gives me anxiety to the max, not to mention my inbox – but it’s hard to complain when we just knocked $200 off our Dyson vacuum purchase #adulting

But back to YOU! Today’s lineup: gifts for the guys, the minis and up next, that new bestie homeowner (you know who you are!). Have any other category I’m forgetting? Let me know!

Shopping for a toddler is infinitely more fun than shopping for anyone else on my list. While these gifts are obviously geared towards the boys, these toys would be a staple in any kids playroom. I love how timeless they are! Any who doesn’t love some mini converses!?

Ah the husband. The one on your list that’s suppose to be easy, until you find yourself running around on Christmas Eve with nothing but a pair of Christmas boxers for his stocking. These are some easy options for that better half in your life – casual kicks, everyday shirts and one hellofa weekender bag!


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  1. Love these ideas! My nephew would LOVE that teepee!

    mckenzie //

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