Living Room Update

When we moved into our house 4 years ago, I immediately went for the paint bucket to freshen up the icky yellow walls. My go to was Sherwin William’s Kilim Beige – a neutral that sat on the tan side of the trendy griege scale. It’s really amazing how quickly interior fads come and go – the traditional style that was all the rage 5-10 years ago has all of a sudden become dated. That beige now makes me cringe.

For our new kitchen, we went with the ever popular white-and-grey look, which only seems to highlight how old the rest of our house feels now. Today I’ve been looking for a barely-there grey or white to clean up our living room (that’s attached to the kitchen).  My current favorites are Benjamin Moore Classic Grey and Chantilly Lace (thank you for the rec, Molly Graham Designs!).

Along with paint, we’ve officially entered the baby proofing market – which means swapping out a few pieces for the sake of Jack’s saftey (dang!). The first to go is our sharp edged lucite coffee table. What I once adored now shouts “HAZARD!” every time I walk by. I love the idea of two big ottomans side by side that we can use as a table or extra seating…also conveniently perfect for infant furniture surfing :). For reference, we have a big beige sectional #beigeoverload.

For me, one of the hardest parts of redecorating is visualizing how everything will look once it’s finished. It makes decision making and big purchases difficult. That’s way I’ve started creating mood boards to help me get a better direction (which also helps in selling my ideas to Nick). Check out my latest ideas for our living room, below. What do you think!?

Click on the images above for more product information, and below for some added favorites.

I also might have gone down an ottoman rabbit hole – these are all baby surfing approved!