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alison-avril-9877 (1)alison-avril-9889alison-avril-9855 (1) alison-avril-9820Jacket: Nordstrom, Top: Club Monaco, Skirt: Club Monaco, Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses: Mashburn (similar), Jack’s Overalls: Freshly Picked (similar)

8 Months! It’s really really hard to believe this tidbit is 2/3 way through his first year. When I was pregnant, the first things I bought for my little bun were these overalls. At the time, they seemed so little – smaller than doll sized! I immediately started anticipating the day he/she (since we kept it a surprise) would fit into them – how far off that felt!

Once Jackson was born, the overalls immediately became massive. How would he ever fit into those!? As we struggled through those first few months, I was certain they wouldn’t fit until well after his first birthday. Then, as I was dressing him the other day, I decided to give them a shot. THEY FIT! The little miracle I’d been day dreaming about for what seemed like an eternity finally fit into the first outfit I bought him!

At 8 months, I’m amazed, overwhelmed and ecstatic at how strong and independent he’s become. He LOVES to walk with our help, crawl and chase our dogs, and chew on everything his little hands come in contact with. These overalls fit his personality so well – spunky, fun and playful. We love you, little man!

Outfit details: top and skirt currently on sale 🙂 Perfect for a bridal brunch or casual work wear with the jacket.

Photos by Stephanie Drenka

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